Thursday, 23 January 2014

The Logic of Delusion

Here we go again:

Another reason why I'm not surprised as to why this case took "so long". If there is no case, it will NOT take so long. 

It is precisely there's a case so BIG, it takes time to SLOWLY uncover. Don't forget the AGC/DPPs are dealing with a team of 5 Senior Counsels and a litigator from a highly reputable law firm who is also the Deputy Chairman of the Government Parliamentary Committee for the Ministries of Home Affairs and Law. In spite of coming against such a strong line-up of litigators and most prosecution witnesses who are closely linked to the 6 accused, the AGC held its ground well so far.

Put it this way - if there is really "no case", why would such a strong legal team take so long to crush the allegations without much effort? Why was the case not thrown out during the Pre-trial conferences? Was there no evidence to counter the charges brought forth by the AGC and throw the case out even before it reach the Court and disgrace Christianity?

If Sun Ho took 10 years to enjoy her lifestyle at her unknowing church member's expenses, surely a couple of years taken to uncover their plot is not too long a time to wait. By the way, what has she shown so far in her "Hollywood" Crossover feat? Nothing but controversies for the wrong reasons - gyrating her body in some China Wine, doing Jamaican Dancehouse about a woman killing her husband, showing off her fake plastics in a fish tank just to name a few, and nothing Christian to do with soul winning.


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